HOW TO stop procrastinating

It happens to all of us to procrastinate and not have our job done well or in time. Here I share my 5 hacks on HOW TO stop procrastinating.

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1.Why are you doing it?

Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. You need to get some work done for your job? Is it for school? Is it a personal project that means a lot to you?

Why are you doing it? Write down a list of reasons that will push you getting the work done. Remind yourself why is worth to spend your time on it.

Do you want a promotion at work? Do you want to work out to get fit for summer? Are you trying to learn a language? Are you writing your thesis?

There must be a reason if you have to do something… find that reason and every time you feel like to procrastinate go look at what you wrote and remind yourself why.


2.How will it make you feel?

Think about it… how will you feel at the end of the day if you know you did what you were supposed to and, instead, how will you feel knowing that you did nothing but wasting time?

Find the motivation in your own feelings!

If you don’t do what you should but you surf the internet all day, watch other people’s life on social media, at the end of the day you will feel miserable and depressed.

Furthermore, if you keep procrastinating, you will know that day by day the work you should do will accumulate and you will finish up having anxiety and not knowing anymore how to finish so much work in time.

On the contrary, if you do what you have to do, day by day, at the end of each day you will feel satisfied and happy about yourself.

You will also feel more relaxed because you will know that you moved some steps forward in order to accomplish the work you have to do.


3. Be organized

I am a big list girl! I like to make lists and plan everything, I like to write stuff down and make a daily work plan.

Sometimes people think I am a little maniacal but I can swear by it… making list keeps me on truck and allows me to be productive.

When I know I have something to do I make a calendar plan.

I plan what I have to do every single day from the beginning till the day the work should be done.

When I have an exam, I plan how much I need to study every single day till few day before the exam and let the last days for the review.

Is it your goal to get fit for summer? Check how much time do you have and plan when and how to work out.

Write the work schedule day by day on a calendar and, every day before you sleep, write If you did it or not. This will allow you to keep truck on how are you doing.

When I strictly follow my plan I am relaxed and I don’t worry about not being able finish my work on time.

But when I procrastinate, I let work behind me. This means that the day after I have to work double… or work triple after two days if I keep procrastinating.

I get so much anxiety and stress when this happens!

So make a plan and stick to it in order to feel proud of the job you did and in order to stay relaxed!



4. Manage your time

Making lists and sticking to it will also help you manage well your time. If you start having your work done earlier you can do little steps day by day.

This means that every day you will both work and enjoy your time.

When writing down your plan make sure you don’t overdo… create a realistic plan that will let you free time to relax and enjoy yourself.

If you really learn this trick you will see that having your work done is easier then you thought.

Of course if you don’t make planes and keep procrastinating then you will arrive a week before the final day with an incredible amount of work to be done, you will have to work 12 hours a day or stay up at night.

This will just make you stressed and, for sure, that work won’t be well done.

So learn to manage your time well and make sure to have a healthy balance between work and free time.



5. Start now

This is for sure the key point. Procrastinate in reality means to say yourself: “Oh, I’ll start tomorrow!”

We all do it!

Learning how to stop procrastinating means to learn how to start say ” I start now!

There is no later or tomorrow or next week. Stop finding excuses and start now!

Don’t lie to yourself and be your best friend instead. If you need to do something just do it. No one will care more then you, no one can force you.

Think about the prize and start working for your own good!

So after reading this don’t go scrolling on Instagram. Sit down and get your work done NOW!



Those are my five advices on how to stop procrastinating.

Thank you so much for reading, see you soon!




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