HOW TO establish healthy habits

We all want to have a healthy lifestyle but is not always easy to change some old habits.

Here I share five things I do every single day that helped me rich a healthy lifestyle and that had improved my daily life!




1. Wake up early

Waking up early in the morning is one of the most important step to improve your day.

When you get up late you feel tired and dizzy for the rest of the day. On the contrary, when you wake up early, you feel more energized and ready to be active.

If you get up early you will see how many things you’ll be able to do during the first hours of the day! You can go to the gym, do some morning yoga, read a book, study, work…

In this way you can have a free afternoon to go see your friends or spend more quality time with your family!

At the end of the day you will feel you have been productive and this will increase your happiness, too.

This healthy habit will also help you sleep better and deeper during the night.

If you struggle getting up because your bed is too comfortable here is a good trick: put your alarm far from you so you must get up to turn it off!




2. Drink more water

This is something I struggle to do myself and I am trying very hard to make it a habit to drink at least 1.5 liter of water every day.

Dehydration causes you headache, muscle cramp, bad skin and hair and can also provoke  bad mood.

If you are like me and don’t like water, add some flavors like lemon or cucumber slices. Keep always a bottle everywhere you go and challenge yourself to finish it before you go back home.

A healthy habit that I learned recently to do every single morning is drinking a big glass of warm water as soon as I get up before I do anything else. I learned this here in China from my boyfriend.

Chinese population pays a very special attention in maintaining themselves hydrated all day. They never go out without bottles of water and in every public space you can find free distributors of hot and cold water. Some of them swear that this is the secret of their flawless skin!

Another thing I learned from Chinese is to drink warm water in winter. This will improve your gut and stomach health!



3. Work out baby!

Personal confession: I have never been the most active person and I never really liked playing sports and going to the gym.

Even if I’ve always been skinny, growing up I understood that my body wasn’t very healthy and that I was easy to get colds and to feel tired.

I decided to work on my body and to make it stronger and I started working out 4 times a week every single week.

Now I feel more energetic and I can feel the benefit of working out from the inside to the outside!

You don’t need to go crazy, to spend money or anything too difficult. There are so many great videos on You Tube that you can follow! Find what meets your interests and work out at home at least 3 times a week.

You will soon notice benefits not only in your body shape but also on your mood: is known that working out is a great way to fight stress and anxiety.



4. Disconnect!!

Google, Social Networks, You Tube, Instagram, Twitter, online newspapers or e-books… this list can be never-ending. The online life is becoming every single day more present and we spend way too many hours with our eyes staring on our electronic devices.

I spend a lot of time on it too, but I learned to DISCONNECT!



I heard many influencers talking about days of internet detox but this is not what I suggest.

What I mean is to learn to have every single day some hours of online detox!

  • During the meals: I made a rule to never sit on the dining table with my phone, I will let it in another room and I will enjoy my food. If I am alone I will watch TV news or listen to music or just have some relax, if I have company I will just enjoy a conversation! I find tremendously rude to use phone when you are eating with someone else!
  • Before I sleep: 90% of people nowadays declare that the last thing they do before they sleep is watching social media. I was one of them, too, but lately I decided to stop. I turn off my phone around an hour before I sleep and I use my time to tidy the house so I can wake up in a relaxing environment, I review Chinese words or sentences I learned during the day or I read a book… you will see you’ll sleep better!
  • Go for a walk: instead of staring at Instagram take your dog/kids/partner and go for a walk.  Talk and enjoy your moments together.

The excessive use of technology is becoming poisoning for our real lives and relationships. This is my best and most important advice when it comes about healthy life… just DISCONNECT!


5. Sleep more

This is probably the key to everything else, if you don’t sleep well or enough you won’t be able to wake up early, to work out, you won’t be able to be concentrate when studying or working.

Try to go to bed earlier then you are use to, we all need at least 7 hours of deep sleep.


If you struggle with sleeping disorders try some easy tricks:

  • Don’t look at your phone while in bed
  • Listen to some light music
  • Read a book in bed
  • Drink an herbal tea to relax you or try my turmeric honey milk recipe
  • Take a warm relaxing bath to calm down your body and mind
  • Avoid working out too late in the evening
  • Don’t eat too much at dinner and go for lighter recipes



Those are my 5 steps for HOW TO establish  healthy habits. I hope you will get inpired and let me know what are your healthy habits and if you try any of this let me know your thought.


Thank you so much for reading… see you soon!!




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