HOW TO create a make-up look with only 5 products

When it comes about daily make up the key words for me are easy and fast. . Keep reading to see the routine I figured out on HOW TO create a make-up look with only 5 products!



1. Corrector

I have serious under eye pigmentation problem and I must use corrector every day! It is surely the one product I can’t do without!

In the last year I have been loving the Bobbi Brown corrector in peach shade. It covers up very well my black under eye.

The orange tone of the peach shade is perfect to cover up and to make the whole look even and fresh!

PS: apply the corrector only where the darkness is more evident then, if is needed, use a lighter concealer and apply it, creating a triangle shape, under the whole eyes area… this will make your look brighter!




2. BB Cushion

The second step of my daily make-up routine is to apply a BB cushion, in particular I have been using the Etude House AC Clean Up BB Cushion in light beige.

Using a BB cushion will make sure you get enough coverage without creating a mask effect like many foundations tend to do. You can layer it up to create less or more coverage according to your needs and it also contains SPF 50 which is always appreciated!

I like to feel my skin breath and I like to maintain a natural look in my everyday make-up so I apply a very light layer only to help even my skin tone and cover some old acne scars.

You can layer it up to create a more dramatic make-up.

Something i really appreciate about this Korean company is that it creates clean products that do not contain bad ingredients. I personally have a very sensitive pro-acne skin so I pay particular attention on what I put on my skin.

PS: no matter if you like to use foundation, BB creams or any other type of coverage try to avoid using any make-up sometimes. Letting your skin free to breath will help you have clearer skin and will help you feel better! Be confident and love your natural beauty!!




3.Contour and Highlight

Personally I am not a big fan of the contour obsession of the latest years but I use a little bit of color just to define my cheek bones and I like to use an highlight stick on the top of them to create some glow.

The secret for me is to not go too crazy! I use a very light bronzer color and i make sure to blend it very well.

The Maybelline Master Contour stick in light clair shade is just what works for me!

I don’t do it every single day but only if I have some special meetings or if I am going out for lunch… is a good way to make your look more sophisticated without trying to hard!





4. Lipstick

I am all for multi-tasking products. Because I am lazy and I don’t have much time in the morning I figured out a way to use one product as three different ones: my lipstick!

I use it not just on my lips but also as eye shadow and blush! I use a dark pink lipstick from Kiko.

You don’t need to buy any specific ones, the one you have is just perfect!

I use my fingers to apply just a little bit of color on my eyes and I use again my fingers to spread it on my cheeks for some color.

In winter especially, I find is better for me to use a creamy blush so this is a perfect solution.

At the end I apply the lipstick on my lips just to add some color and am good to go




5. Mascara

Mascara, together with corrector, is the product I just can’t live without. Sometimes I will just use those two products and I am ok to start my day!

Lately I am using the Grandiose Mascara from Lancôme, it is a very good product and what I like the most about it is that gives a natural look.

I have long eyelashes but they tend to be very straight so my secret is to use an eyelashes curler to make them curled and to open my eyes!





Those are the five products that I use every day to create a fast and natural everyday make-up.

This post is not promoted and all the products I mention are the ones I really like and use on my daily basis.

Let me know what do you think and which are your favorite five make-up products to use every day!


Thank you so much for reading, see you soon!




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